Fiera CRS Ethical Investment Fund

In direct response to requests from a number of Religious Institutes from across Canada, and for the need to give increased attention to ethical considerations Canadian Religious Stewardship established the Fiera CRS Ethical Fund.

Fiera Capital Corporation is an independent asset management firm, recognized for its work with Religious, and one of Canada’s leading investment managers.  Fiera offers the services of reputable investment managers to over one hundred religious’ groups. Its management fees are competitive and, in many cases, are less than the fees currently incurred by Religious Institutes.

Each participating Religious Institute holds its own proportionate share of the pooled fund and receives quarterly reports describing the status of their holdings including the results and the performance of their investment.  

Fifteen Religious Institutes from across Canada have transferred the total, or a part of their investment portfolio to the Fiera CRS Ethical Fund.



At Canadian Religious Stewardship our success is built on our collaborative relationships founded in trust, respect, and commitment.

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